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Welcome to Two Dachshund Farm

Never Enough Fiber or Doxies

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Meet the
Akers Family

Our focus is fiber, fiber animals, and lavender.

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Some people think our name comes because we raise and sell dachshunds.  We do not.  Our name comes because we have had a minimum of two dachshunds, mostly rescues, as part of our family for 40 plus years. We got our first dachshund in 1976 for our first anniversary.  Tawney was a red, smooth-haired beauty who easily and quickly captured our hearts. Soon we adopted a second dachshund and have, for the majority of our time together, had at least two dachshunds every since, though none were red, smooth-haired females.  Recently we became a guardian home for two long-haired boys, and to celebrate 45 years of marriage, we got a third dachshund - a beautiful red, smooth-haired girl.



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